Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Paper dolls

I found these paper dolls when I was spring cleaning and started thinking about life in the old days... When I was a little girl, paper dolls often came enclosed in the glossy magazines. 

Where we lived there was one of those shops that sold "everything" you needed for the house and they also sold sheets with different paper dolls. I can still remember how the shop smelled of everything from paint to detergents and perfume...  I remember that when we bought the detergent we brought a bottle from home to be filled with the detergent from the shop....

Me and my girl friends spent hours cutting out pictures of furnitures from the magazines and this we used to making a "home" for the paper dolls. I don't know if the children today are still playing with paper dolls?

It's possible that these particular paper dolls are from the time when my daughter grew up in the 1970s, but paper dolls hasn't changed at all since the 1950s, I think. Anyway, it was nice finding them after all these years..