Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Is the soap bar outdated?

This isn't so much a post about old and forgotten things as it is a story about things that might or might not be absent from the daily lives of today's children. One day my 6 year old grandson was visiting and he went to the bathroom to wash his hands where I among other things also had a bar of soap on display (just because it smelled nice.... so, not to be used). My grandson pointed to the soapbar and asked me - his voice was a mix of disbelief and awe: "Grandma, what's that?" "It's a bar of soap", I answered.  "Huh?" he said.... "Is that SOAP?!?" 

He looks at the soap for a very long time and then he asks if he can try it. I show him how to use it and his face lights up because of this "soap wonder" and then he looks at me and says: "Oh, how I wish we could have one like this at home"!

I think this little story shows that a lot of children have never before seen or used anything else than liquid soap.

The soap bar in the picture is one of the soaps that has been around "forever" in Norwegian shops/supermarkets and around the 1960s there was a commercial stating that "9 out of 10 film stars were using this soap"....