Monday, 12 December 2011

12th December

I can't do without.....

..My great-grandmother's tablecloth. La tovaglia! 

Mia nonna (norvegese) ci ricamó il nome di mia madre affinché nessuno altro se la aggiudicasse in caso lei venisse a mancare. E ora ce l`ho io! Sono solo due anni che la uso io (purtroppo) prima stava a casa di mia nonna, e lei ci teneva tantissimo. È per me simbolo del Natale norvegese, old style.

My grandmother (Norwegian) embroidered my Mother's name on it so it wouldn't be given to somebody else when she passed away. And now I've got it! I've only had it for two years (unfortunately), it's always been at my grandmother's house and she was very fond of it. And for me it's a symbol of the Norwegian Christmas', old style. 


This is sent me by Vesle Serena from Norwegian foods illustrated (by an Italian) in Italian and I've translated it into English (with the hope that I've managed to do it right...)