Wednesday, 14 December 2011

14th December

This is a little songbook containing carols that we use to sing in Norway at Christmas time. A Norwegian brewery had them printed many years ago and they were handed out to children who participated at the "Juletrefest", a Norwegian Christmas Party which is often held at schools, kindergardens or some "social clubs". The main "goal" for the children is to eat as much cake and candy as the possibly can - and of course, having a good time. Santa Claus is always coming to the party and he bring candy, Christmas cookies, fruit etc. to the children. And the children are playing around with each other while the parents are having coffee and cakes. At some point everybody join together, holding hands, making a human circle around the Christmas tree before they start singing carols while they go around and around the Christmas tree. And since people are known to forget the lyrics to these songs from year to year, this kind of "songbook" is often handed out. 
The songbooks you see in the pictures are from the 1950s or 1960s - I don't know if it's still as custom handing them out at "juletrefest". 
We don't use this for singing at home at the moment, however, they bring back lots of memories...